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Giuseppe Maino - chartered accountant

Dott. Giuseppe Maino

chartered accountant


Master’s degree in Economics from the Gabriele D’Annunzio State University of Chieti and Pescara. He is listed in the Register of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Vicenza, and the Register of Statutory Auditors. Appointed technical consultant (CTU) for the Court of Vicenza, and member of the Associazione Difensori Tributari [Tax Defenders’ Association].

An expert in all issues concerning tax law, he provides consulting and assistance in corporate issues, in fiscal planning, in pre-litigation phases, and in the taxation process. In this latter field, he has acquired significant expertise in defending the taxpayer who is already under inspection and audit by the Financial Offices, the Guardia di Finanza [Financial Police], and in proceedings with Tax Commissions. Additionally, he works as an insolvency practitioner, an auditor, and a statutory auditor for limited companies.

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