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Studio Prassi Chartered Accountants


Our group is made up of two companies:

Sofit srl - autonomia privata

SOFIT Srl - Società Fiduciaria Italiana [Italian Fiduciary Company]

Established in 2002 by Claudio Consolaro, Carlo Lovato, Giuseppe Maino, Renato Robinelli, Paolo Robinelli and Andrea Cecchetto.

Studio Paghe e Lavoro srl - consulenza del lavoro

STUDIO PAGHE & LAVORO Srl [Wages and work consultants]

Provides assistance and consulting in managing personnel and occupational rights.

Sofit srl - autonomia privata

SOFIT S.R.L. Manages a variety of activities, including execution of fiduciary mandates, participation in the constitution of companies, and fiduciary signing of individual management contracts. It is listed in the Register of Fiduciary Companies held by the Ministry of Economic Development in compliance with Law 23 November 1939 n° 1966 and subsequent amendments. It is a partner in the category association ASSOFIDUCIARIA.

Studio Paghe e Lavoro srl - consulenza del lavoro

Studio Paghe & Lavoro offers its customers the utmost specialisation in contracts, trade unions, social security, and the processing of salaries and contributions, personnel management, INPS, INAIL and INPDAP procedures, consulting in personnel pension and administration areas, and occupational consulting. A distinctive element in Studio Paghe & Lavoro is its versatility. In fact, it is capable of understanding the various company situations among customers, and of providing personalised solutions based on the peculiarities and dimensions of the organisation. It stands out because of its great reliability, seriousness, competence and expertise in consulting provided to customers, and manages all problems with the necessary confidentiality and the utmost responsibility.

Multiconsult srl

Multiconsult offre servizi di qualità su tre aree tra loro sinergiche e complementari:
Corporate management: amministrazione finanza e controllo;
Business process & solutions: software selection, controllo dei progetti di implementazione ERP e gestione del cambiamento organizzativo;
ICT Consulting: evoluzione tecnologica e IT management.

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