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Studio Prassi Chartered Accountants

About us

Prassi Srl Stp is a Professional Studio dedicated to businesses, providing

business, financial and tax consulting

Our main Customers are national and international Businesses and Groups. We also help the entrepreneur to protect and increase their personal and family estate, through the proposal of protective measures and investments believed to be of interest.

The Studio was established in 1983. Today, we have three offices in the Province of Vicenza.
For many years now, Studio Prassi has dealt with the problems linked with foreign markets, acquiring twenty years of experience in international taxation.

Prassi Srl Stp is a medium-sized studio. In fact, its organisation is made up of about forty people.
This type of structure is particularly suitable for a personalised relationship with each individual customer.
One of our strengths at Studio Prassi is the ongoing internal dialogue on the recurring problems that the market poses every day. The decision to operate as an association of professionals makes it possible to design specific solutions and to guarantee assistance of high professional quality, thanks to the numerous specialisations that allow competent and targeted consulting.
Prassi has the strategic objective of deepening knowledge of the business activity carried out by customers, in order to be able to recognise and solve the problems that may arise, defining the best solutions specifically for the customer’s business.

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