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Studio Prassi Management Control Area

Management Control Area

"Planning means designing a dreamt future and... Identifying the means to achieve it." George Steiner

In fact, in response to an increased environmental turbulence, each experience accumulated in the past is of no further use. Mere guidance based on experience may even form an obstacle to further business development, and even threaten the survival of the business itself.
This is because today everything happens too fast, so it is necessary to act early, in a proactive manner. Subsequently, it is essential to have information supporting both operative decisions (formulating retail prices and the inevitable exceptions), and strategic choices (selection of markets, product and commercial strategies, subsequent investment choices, organisational restructuring, etc.).
Management control is the necessary feedback on progress in the business: it identifies the areas and departments that contributed to reaching objectives, prevents difficult situations by making it possible to intervene with management corrections to improve the use of resources.
Management control is the activity that guides and directs management, capable of ensuring that economic resources and productive factors at the business’s disposal are used effectively and efficiently, in coherence with previously established objectives.
At Prassi Srl Stp we accompany our customer through the process of defining, therefore, a government, monitoring and assessment tool, in order to respond to internal information needs. A tool that is organised and used by each business in the most appropriate manner compared to the type of activity carried out and the management style.

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